Ongoing WordPress Expertise

World-class website maintenance

Having created 500+ websites over the past 12 years, we’ve noticed most problems arise from websites gradually slipping out of date.

When websites are left to age, they become vulnerable to security issues, slow-down, and generally don’t achieve their goals as well.

To avoid this we’ve developed three plans specifically designed to help your website stay fast, secure, up-to-date and most of all, effective at achieving your goals. 

If your website is built using WordPress, yes!
(How do I know if my website uses WordPress?)

We have ‘adopted’ over 200 websites made by other web companies – helping host, maintain and evolve them.

Can Brontë host my existing website?

4 Reasons to Consider Hosting and Maintenance with Brontë

1. Truly World-Class Hosting

We use the very best hosting infrastructure from Amazon Web Services and Google to ensure your website is quick, secure and always online.

Great hosting doesn’t mean expensive hosting.

Buying bulk and picking the right systems means we are able to offer world-class hosting at a price comparable to most other website design companies.

2. Ongoing Attention

Once your website goes live – it’s not forgotten. We help your website stay secure, future-proofed and ever-improving.

3. Simple, Transparent Pricing

Stay on top of your website with a simple monthly plan – with options to suit a wide range of businesses and goals.

4. Experience

Companies throughout New Zealand and Australia trust Brontë to host and manage their website. We work with a wide range of organisations, from billion-dollar listed companies to small-town SMEs – and everyone inbetween.

Hosting and Maintenance Plans

Simple, transparent options


  • Prices shown in New Zealand Dollars, exclusive of GST (where applicable)
  • Websites with high traffic or storage requirements may require additional hosting costs
  • WordPress and plugin updates are done where possible

Custom Plans

Bronte helps organisations throughout NZ and AU manage WordPress on top of Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

AWS Server Maintenance

Customise your plan, including:
  • Dedicated server resources in your choice of data center
  • A custom mix of services: EC2, RDS, Cloudfront etc.
  • Included development hours each month
  • WordPress core and plugin management
  • Security testing and hardening
  • License management
  • Custom reporting
  • Server updates
  • SLAs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, what gives? Hosting is just $X/mo with XYZ Hosting Co!

All hosting is not created equally. When it comes to the effectiveness of a key business asset (your website), it’s generally not worth compromising.

The key benefits of quality hosting are: fewer outages, lower chance of being hacked, the ability to handle spikes in traffic, and much quicker updates (quality hosting has tools that let website developers do things quicker)

Is there a cost to move my existing WordPress website to Bronte?

90% of the time there is no cost to migrate a website already using WordPress. Occasionally, complicated or large websites will require lots of time to move and will involve a migration fee. To find out whether this applies, simply contact us using the form on your right.

What about “Domain Names” and “DNS”?

Yes, we can register domain names on your behalf – e.g. – and manage DNS (We won’t bore you with details of what this is!)

How do I know if my current website is WordPress?

Click here to find out

What next?

Moving your website to Bronte is easy. Simply call Sam on ‭+64 27 247 7275‬ or complete the “Get Started” form on this page.