Offer your clients deep web expertise

Hi, I’m Jamie 👋

I’m a website expert who helps New Zealand design and marketing companies offer clients world-class websites, hosting and maintenance.

Partnering with Bronte allows you to plan and/or design high-performing websites for your clients – without having to worry about the technical details.


5 reasons to consider a partnership with Brontë

1. Behind-the-scenes or client-facing

I’m happy working completely behind the scenes via your team or dealing directly with your clients.

2. Cost effective

No minimums or retainers. If you don’t have any web work, no problem. This makes Bronte particularly well suited for companies with infrequent web projects.

3. WordPress expertise

I work exclusively with WordPress to power your client’s websites. As the world’s most popular system – powering 43% of all websites – it’s reliable, customisable, and has a huge range of free or inexpensive plug-ins to further your client’s website investment.

4. Rid yourself of hosting and tech headaches

Don’t have the in-house skills to manage technical client requests?
Feel nervous about fiddling with A records?
Freak out at the sight of PHP?

I can remove the pain of tech so you can focus on what you do best.

5. I can help you sell

I have professional 5-10 page proposal documents you can use to help sell websites and ongoing services to your clients. These proposals can even be branded as your company.

What Next?

Getting started or learning more is easy:

  1. Pop your details in the form on the right of this page;
  2. We’ll have a chat over Zoom to discuss what you’re after and how I can help;
  3. I’ll put together a proposed plan of attack


Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore, (+64) 21 910 944

p.s. looking to get out of the game altogether or offload WordPress hosting and maintenance to someone reliable? I’d love to hear from you.