Website Design + DEVELOPMENT

Having managed the design and development of over 350 websites, I've had the opportunity to gain a good understanding of what makes an effective website.

For small websites I can do the whole project; design, content sourcing, technology selection and programming.

For larger websites I work with specialist partners; overseeing the project and making sure the end result hits the goals.

Project Co-Ordination

Need someone to take ownership of an upcoming website or online system project?

I help make sure deadlines and budgets are nailed, reporting is done right and communication between all parties is smooth.

With a background in business, marketing, design and programming I understand the big picture and can drill down into the details.

You're in good company

I have experience helping organisations big and small.

Jamie was crucial in keeping our project on track and delivering a large undertaking on time and in full. His understanding of e-commerce is excellent and he bought many ideas and project improvements to the table.

I would highly recommend Jamie if you have a high pressure and complex website project to deliver.
— Miff Macdiarmid, Brand Manager, Torpedo7