Hi, I'm Jamie - a WordPress expert

Having worked with hundreds of businesses using WordPress websites, one problem keeps rearing its ugly head again and again:

Plugins, Themes and WordPress keep falling out of date.


Being out of date causes 3 problems

Needlessly major future updates
Over time your website slips further and further behind, meaning future updates require lots of catch-up.

Security problems
Out of date plugins are the #1 way WordPress websites get hacked.

Missing out on improvements
WordPress and its plugins are frequently being improved with new functionality and speed improvements.
Falling out of date misses out on these easy wins!

My Solution: Evergreen

To specifically address the above three problems, I've developed Evergreen.

Evergreen keeps your website up-to-date by quarterly upgrades, including:

Checking and updating all plugins (pieces of website functionality) where possible;

Checking and renewing the website’s theme (where possible);

Updating WordPress to the latest version;

Adding and configuring best-practice plugins.

The benefits

1. Substantially quicker and better value future website updates;

2. Website speed, functionality and performance improvements;

3. Improved website security;

4. Lowers the risk of website outages

The Investment

$300 per quarter


$950 per annum

Get Started

Email jamie@bronte.co.nz or complete the below form to get started or learn more:



Terms & Conditions

All prices shown in NZD and exclusive of GST and any paid plugin costs.

No terms or commitments beyond your level of subscription.

Some websites may require initial catch-up to be able to support Evergreen ongoing.

Bronte Limited Terms and Conditions apply